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★ミ Come Dance With Me Before You Go
and then the memory will stay
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16th-Dec-2013 12:52 pm - Desperate needs of carrier service!
Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.
UPDATE: I was able to find a service!!

So most people know I'm a die hard Cattleya fan and a Cattleya figure collector. I own the Taki Corporation and A+ statues, but now there's a new one: the A-Toys statue. The first two were easy to get being they were available on English websites, but this new one is not.

There is a standard and limited edition, and the limited edition is an Amiami exclusive. The thing with Amiami's Japanese site is that as of this year it no longer accepts certain proxy orders, this being one (probably due to the size). So in order to actually buy it, I'll need a one person or small company carrier service.

I initially placed my order for the limited back in October, but was contacted by my proxy service last week that the order can't proceed. I've been scrambling to find a service since, but so far no luck. I contacted another person today but this statue releases in January so I can't afford to wait around for reply before contacting another person. Worst case scenario, I have a backup and can purchase the standard edition but am highly determined to get the limited.

So does anyone know of someone that fits this bill? Or perhaps you are one? I need the help as soon as possible, especially before Christmas! Please message me if you can be of help!

(Places I've already tried: FromJapan, Big in Japan (no response after 4 days), Goody Japan, Treasure Japan, solphiia (here on LJ). Going to contact: CDJapan, Yokatta.)

Thank you for your time!
29th-Dec-2011 06:25 am - Journal CSS Credit
Kuroshitsuji : Harmony.
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